top ‘unknown’: I need something more specific.

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export TERM=vt100 top -n 1 [阅读全文]
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Please keep awe of heart

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Please keep awe of heart [阅读全文]
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promethus 报警规则

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ALERT InstanceStatus   IF up{job="aws-ec2"} == 0   FOR 10s   LABELS { severity = "page" }   ANNOTATIONS {     description = "服务器 {{ $labels.instance }}  已当机超过 20s"   } ALERT InstanceHighCpu   IF (100 - (avg(irate(node_cpu{job="aws-ec2&quo... [阅读全文]
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prometheus webhook

作者:admin   分类:prometheus   时间:2017-11-09 由于prometheus不支持国内短信提供商,并且配置报警给谁的规则比较麻烦 因此写了一个webhook小程序 我这里卖新疆阿克苏冰糖心苹果 有兴趣加微信 [阅读全文]

如何在代码中集成prometheus client例子

作者:admin   分类:prometheus   时间:2017-11-07 官方示例: HTTP Metrics are usually exposed over HTTP, to be read by the Prometheus server. The easiest way to do this is via start_http_server, which will start a HTTP server in a daemon thread on th... [阅读全文]

mesos 下的docker中的业务 如何利用prometheus监控

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这篇文档 我打算好好写,为了卖我老家的新疆阿克苏冰糖心苹果。 我们现在的运维体系使用的是mesos+marathon管理docker,如何利用mesos+marathon部署docker以及结合jenkins做CICD的文章,来 看过来”google搜索 mesos marathon jenkins”….. 如何监控docker自己本身,也忽略。方法太多了,现在工具一把一把的,我用的是cadvisor 。我们重... [阅读全文]


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误删了线上etcd数据,但是索性做了备份. 3个节点全挂。只剩备份数据 首先启动3个机器 分别是master01 master02 master03 如何恢复 看步骤 首先在master03的机器上解压缩备份数据 1,tar xvf etcd.tar 2,cd etcd 3,nohup etcd -name master03 -initial-advertise-peer-urls http://master03:2380 -advertise-client-urls http://master03:2379 -listen-... [阅读全文]

etcd 集群管理

作者:admin   分类:linux   时间:2017-04-28 etcd集群3 etcd集群4 就当记事本了   etcd 干掉损坏节点 root@a02:/opt/etcd# ./etcdctl member list 6b37185aa393dfc1: name=etcd01 peerURLs=http://etcd01:2380 clientURLs=http://etcd01:2379 isLeader=false 9f47628f4e1f4eba: name=etcd02... [阅读全文]

Running Mesos With Native Docker Support

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In my previous blog, i’ve explained how to manage Docker cluster using Mesos and Marathon. Now Mesos has released 0.20 with Native Docker support. Till Mesos 0.19, we had to use mesosphere’sDeimos for running Docker containers on Mesos slaves. Now from Mesos 0.20, Mesos has the ability to run Docker containers directly. As pe... [阅读全文]

Building Blue-Green Deployment with Docker

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Blue-Green Deployment is a strategy to release new version of the app without downtime. The basic idea behind this technique involves using two identical production environments, named Blue and Green . At any time, only one of these environment is live and serving the production traffic. The other one is used to test newer ve... [阅读全文]
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