cni 一些库

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The Ratchet dependencies
Some of the most important dependencies are in these lines in ratchet.go, which includes: Skeleton for CNI to read stdin & environment variables. Allows us to use the DelegateAdd method which we use to call other plugins. Some common types that are used by the CNI packages, including the NetConf type which defines our config JSON that we read from stdin.
There’s also a Docker client that we use to pick some additional metadata from the pod.

The main method
The main() method of the application is really just calling skel – as seen here, which looks like:

skel.PluginMain(cmdAdd, cmdDel)
So we let skel do some work for us – it will call either of these methods (which are local to the Ratchet application), either cmdAdd or cmdDel (called on either creation or deletion of the pod). In those methods – we’re able to have a return from skel that includes the JSON config, which we can then parse and read to get some custom properties out of it.

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