openstack 镜像自动扩容

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The simplest way to support this in your image is to install the cloud-utils package (contains the growpart tool for extending partitions), the cloud-initramfs-growroot package (which supports resizing root partition on the first boot), and the cloud-init package into your image. With these installed, the image performs the root partition resize on boot. For example, in the /etc/rc.local file. These packages are in the Ubuntu and Debian package repository, as well as the EPEL repository (for Fedora/RHEL/CentOS/Scientific Linux guests).

If you cannot install cloud-initramfs-tools, Robert Plestenjak has a github project called linux-rootfs-resize that contains scripts that update a ramdisk by using growpart so that the image resizes properly on boot.

If you can install the cloud-utils and cloud-init packages, we recommend that when you create your images, you create a single ext3 or ext4 partition (not managed by LVM).

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  1. 这个意思是需我有几个疑问:
    1. 对于LVM的,需要同时cloud-utils,cloud-initramfs-growroot和 cloud-init?yum安装时,没有cloud-initramfs-growroot这个包(已安装epel镜像源);
    2. 对于no-LVM,只需要cloud-utils和 cloud-init?
    3. 对windows操作系统怎么办?要安装